Mario Aymerich is Director in Environment and Regional Development, Projects Directorate in the EIB. Graduate studies in Civil Engineering and post-graduate/doctorate studies in Transport & Urban Planning at Polytechnic Universities of Catalunya (UPC) and Madrid (UPM). Transport Engineer at Metropolitan Council of Barcelona (81-84). Public Servant at the Municipality of Barcelona (84-88), in charge of the Urban Traffic Control System. Part-time professor at UPC (Traffic Management, 83-89) and UPM (Transport Planning & Economics, 90-95). Engineering Executive (88-98) in a private multi-national Intelligent Transport Systems leading company (SICE S.A.), with strong participation in European Commission’s research projects; and Manager of SICE's UK-branch (95-98).

Author of more than 50 articles, some 100 presentations and co-author of 5 technical books. As a PJ engineer (joined the EIB in January 1999) he was involved in the project cycle of some 200 operations related of large-scale infrastructure projects, notably in the transport and urban development sectors. He was successively appointed Head of Urban Transport and Other Urban infrastructure Division and Director of the ERD Department. An area of his particular interests has always been the analysis of technical risks related to complex projects (in particular PPPs).

In his current position he is acquiring interesting familiarity with very diverse fields (e.g. water, waste, natural resources, social housing, forestry and agribusiness) with the common denominator of all having extraordinary potentials in relation to climate change resilience.

EIB Co-Tutor

Mario Aymerich, Environment and Regional Development, Projects Directorate EIB.

Main Academic Tutor (UPM)

Prof. Jose Manuel Vassallo, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

Young researcher (UPM)

Ana Alises, Ph.D. Candidate, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.